Portuguese Nationality granted by Attribution

Portuguese Nationality granted by Attribution. Portuguese birth registration
Individuals of Portuguese mother or Portuguese father are Portuguese citizens by Origin if they register their birth with the Portuguese Civil Registry Office or if they declare their wish to be Portuguese citizens.

As per the National Rule of Birth Registration, applications for Birth Registration and Attribution of Nationality can be submitted by the applicant when aged more than 18 years old or by those exercising the paternal power when the applicant is underage. The applicant or those exercising paternal power can also elect an attorney (through a power of attorney) to represent and to act on behalf of the applicant for Birth Registration and Attribution of Nationality. In the case of an underage individual, when the person(s) exercising the paternal power are not both parents, the application can be submitted by the person/authority exercising the paternal power in accordance with the law of the country where the child resides, provided there is legal documentation to prove that such paternal power was granted by the authorities of the country of residence. A lawyer can be instructed to represent and act on behalf of the applicant or those exercising the paternal power.
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