Profile of Mr. Syed Ashraful Islam, Minister for LGRD & Cooperatives

Syed Ashraful Islam
Syed Ashraful Islam
Syed Ashraful Islam was born in Mymenshing in 1952. His father Syed Nazrul Islam was one of the key organizers of our Independence struggle. Syed Nazrul Islam was  the acting President of Mujibnagar Government in 1971.  

Syed Ashraful Islam earned Master of Arts (MA) degree. He was active in student  politics from his student life. He was General Secretary of Mymenshing District Student League after Independence of Bangladesh. He also served as Assistant Publicity Secretary of Central Student League. In November 03, 1975 his father Syed Nazrul Islam and three other high profile national leaders brutally killed in Dhaka Central jail. After this incident Syed Ashraful Islam went London and worked to organize Bangladesh Awami League in UK.  

Syed Ashraful Islam came back home in 1996 and elected Parliament Member of the Bangladesh National Parliament. He served as the State Minister for Civil Aviation & Tourism Ministry during 1996-2001. He also elected Parliament Member of the Bangladesh National Parliament in 2001 and served as a Member of Foreign Affairs Standing Committee in the Parliament. In 2008 Syed Ashraful  Islam elected Parliament Member again and appointed as the Minister of Local Government Rural Development & Cooperatives under the Leadership of Honb'le Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina.  

Syed Ashraful Islam also engaged in various social welfare activities. He traveled many countries of Asia, Europe & America.  

Syed Ashraful Islam is a proud father of a daughter.



  1. Who can cofirm his full educational backgroubd. His l7fe in the UK. What was his source of earnings 8n the UK. What was his profession inbthe uk. Many people is interested to know the detail.

    1. Ashraful went to the United Kingdom after the killing of his father in prison along with three other national leaders in 1975.He completed HSC 1973 from Maymonsing Jilla school.He came back to Bangladesh in 1996 and was elected lawmaker from Kishoreganj Sadar in the 7th national elections. He was elected a lawmaker in the 2001 election too. He worked as a member of the parliamentary standing committee on foreign ministry. His electoral pledges include building up developed road and rail link from Dhaka to Kishoreganj.

  2. This is about syed ashraful islam a l secretarty and lgrd minister who is a british national lived the uk for almost 22 years