Birth and Death Registration Project of Bangladesh

In July 1873, the then-British government 2ra undivided Bengal Date of registration laws on the issue. Displaying parikramaya 118 batsare geographic, political, and with the upcoming changes in the country's tabat people Date of registration under not fetch the 001 - and 006 in the UNICEF - Bangladesh's support of the pilot project in 8 districts and 4 City Corporation Date of registration of a new start. In a continuation of the 1873 Act and the repeal of the repeal of the Act of 7 December 9, No. 004 of the Birth and Death Registration Act, was introduced in the 004. 006 of the Act was to be implemented on July 3. The 001 - and 006 at the end of the pilot project, the current project is birth and death registration project (nd Stage) at the start of the 007.January 007 - December 010 term financial support of the project iunasepha - Bangladesh has allocated total 5863.3 million. In the midst of the Bangladesh Government to help 96.3 million and 5567.0 million project. Project duration has been extended until December 011.

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