Online Birth Registration Application Form of Bangladesh

The birth registration system of People's Republic of Bangladesh is very much advanced compared to any other countries in the world. This is the first country in the world which implements 100% centralized online birth registration. 

To register the birth of a new born or of the person whose birth has not registered yet, can now register online and can obtain Birth Certificate easily. The link to access the online birth registration form is given at the bottom of this page. You can fill the application form provided to apply for birth certificate.

Once you have submitted the application form, normally it will take 1-4 working days for registering the birth. You can contact your registrar for with relevant documents to obtain the certificate. After that you can check the status of your application processing by clicking the Track Birth Registration Application link provided at the top of the page.

This tracking feature is open only for those who have applied online. Those who have submitted  the manual application cannot access this service.

The online certificate application is only for new registrations. For those who have registered the birth already, please DO NOT apply again. You can apply for birth registration certificate to birth registrars only once. If you need a certificate which you  have already registered, please walk in to your birth registrar office.

This page is linked with Births and Deaths Registration Department, Peoples Republic of Bangladesh. You can access the birth registration service to apply for birth certificate of Bangladesh by the link provided below.

 Application form Birth registration application form of People's Republic Of Bangladesh


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