Project details of Birth & Death registration Project, Bangladesh

Project details of Birth & Death registration Project, Bangladesh


IMPLEMENTING AGENCY:Local Government Division
NAME OF PROJECT:Birth & Death Registration Project.
APPROVAL STATUS:ApprovedDATE OF APPROVAL: 2008-01-13NAME OF PD: A.K.M. Salt ul Islam Chowdhury
OBJECTIVES 1:to support the establishment of a functional universal birth registration system in Bangladesh. The aim is to provide birth certificate to all people born in Bangladesh as a proof of age.
OBJECTIVES 2:To ensure birth registration for all.
OBJECTIVES 3:To expand the electronic birth registration system and to establish a central database at national level.
PROJECT LOCATION:All over the country
REPORTING PERIOD:January, 2007 to December, 2011

ADP ALLOCATION:610.0030.00580.00
ADP RELEASE:282.2922.50
ADP EXPENDITURE:279.0919.30259.79

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